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What Do You See?

April 24, 2017 | Project 56

At ELIC we try to prepare our teachers wholly, as best as possible, for their transitions overseas and back. This post comes from a Team Leader from Project 5.6. He is leading his team through 5 countries in 6 months, walking them alongside our long-term teachers in each country, and casting vision to his team, hopefully the next wave and generation of future ELIC Teachers.

At training in Thailand, we asked this question:

“When you think of where you’re headed, what do you see? What do you feel?”

This is what he wrote:

“I see precious people, filled with life and love, created intentionally, uniquely, specifically.

I see eyes. Eyes full of emotion and life. I see windows into souls – souls full of passions and pains and doubts and fears – I see windows into humanity. I see eyes that see and have seen great beauty and great pain, great sorrow and great joy. I see eyes full of happiness, eyes full of question, eyes full of curiosity, eyes full of hurt, eyes full of longing, eyes full of desire, eyes full of judgment, eyes full of hate, eyes full of love, eyes full of compassion. I see beautiful eyes.

I see hands. Hands embracing hands, hands wiping sweat from brows, hands pouring coffee, hands stretching noodles, hands counting money, hands patting babies bottoms. I see dirty, calloused, worn, misshapen, manicured, guilty, innocent, gentle hands. I see beautiful hands.

I see feet. Feet that travel and feet that stay. Feet covered in dirt. Feet flipping and flopping sandals. Feet hidden under leather. Feet that dance. Feet that tickle. I see feet walking down sidewalks, feet on motorcycle pegs, feet that ache, feet that stink. I see beautiful feet.

I see hair. Hair that’s combed and covered and permed and ponytailed and messy and braided and missing. All numbered. All known. I see beautiful hair.

I see mouths. Mouths that eat and sing and laugh and drink and smoke and bless and curse. I see beautiful mouths.

I see minds. Minds that are awake and asleep and curious and brilliant. I see beautiful minds.

I see hearts. Hearts that are calloused and longing and broken and hard and empty. I see hearts full of love and full of hate. Hearts full of hope and full of despair. Hearts aching for victory yet experiencing defeat. I see beautiful hearts.

I see beautifully precious people.

I feel. I feel oh so much. I feel love. I feel compassion. I feel desire. I feel connected and present and yet I feel extremely alone and separate. I feel longing – to know and to be known by these beautifully precious people – these beautiful eyes, these beautiful hands, these beautiful feet, this beautiful hair, these beautiful mouths, these beautiful minds, these beautiful hearts – these beautifully precious people – my people. I long to know them all.