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Teacher Training & Development Projects

From Laos to Iraq to China, Mongolia, and North Africa, local English teachers want to improve their craft! Teacher training projects offer professional development opportunities, typically over the course of three years. With this model, relationships deepen through several weeks of summer sessions with an entire cohort and fall and spring observations and seminars in the local teachers’ classrooms. Experienced teachers are needed to expand these programs to more local teachers who have few opportunities for professional development!

Sending New Teachers

Schools and universities across Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa are asking for more teachers. This school year, we hope to engage over 40,000 people in these countries. More long-term and short-term teachers must be recruited to meet these needs. The more teachers we are able to place overseas, the greater the outreach to the unengaged will be!

Exploring New Opportunities

As new opportunities arise, we explore them until we sense a closed door or a “not now.” Exploration includes leadership trips to visit potential partners, short-term programs, and online engagement. This process led us from China to other countries in East and Southeast Asia, then to the Middle East and North Africa, and most recently to Central Asia!

Regional Training Centers

Language centers and local business offices are great for outreach to the local community through tutoring, classes, clubs, and events. They also give teams credibility and help with establishing university placements. Teams have hosted movie nights, game nights, book clubs, English corners, and more!