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June 24–July 30

Serving in Hanoi, Vietnam

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You and your team will spend the first week in a cultural exchange program with University students in Hanoi. During this week you will have the opportunity to share about your culture, learn about their culture, build relationships with the students, and participate in site-seeing activities. The following weeks will be spent in a smaller town teaching English to high school students who have much less access to English language learning—especially from a foreign teacher.


Engage is designed for all majors, so even if you have no experience in the classroom, we will prepare you! This classroom time is meant to be fun, dynamic, and interactive. In the afternoon you and your teammates will come together to conduct several hours of high-energy games and cultural presentations for all of your students combined. Evenings are spent primarily with your team. Not only will you need the time to plan for the next day, but you’ll also enjoy a time of intentional community, fellowship, and reflection.


June 24–July 30

  • Some college required.
  • Must be currently enrolled in undergraduate program.
  • All majors acceptable.
  • Proficient in speaking English.
  • Enthusiasm to share your hope and life.
What's Included
  • Food and housing
  • Sightseeing opportunities
  • Medical and evacuation coverage
  • Orientation, training, and debriefing
  • Visa and document processing
  • Support development materials
  • Donor receipting
  • Teaching curriculum
  • Screening and team placement
  • Contracts with individual host schools
  • And more!

Engage Locations

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