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Living and teaching in China offers a seemingly endless supply of opportunities for spending time with students, colleagues, and even your neighbors. Our professionalism in the classroom is what opens so many of these doors of opportunity. Because of the Confucian history in China, educators are highly respected in the community. On the first day of class, our teachers are instantly given a platform for influence and are able to be a positive force for good among their students. Your students quickly become friends who want to play sports with you, bake or cook in your home, go shopping, and even take you on exotic train rides back to their hometown. Their pride in their country makes them eager to share their culture, food, and new experiences with you. When you live in China, you’ll be a part of a rich ELIC history that has impacted more than a million students in our classrooms throughout the country. We consider it a privilege to be given permission by our schools and the government to educate the future leaders of this amazing nation. With more than 35 years of history in China, we know that our students will one day be influencers and change-makers in politics, medicine, business, technology, and religion.



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