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The Kingdom of Cambodia, a.k.a “the Kingdom of Wonder” definitely makes us wonder. “How can you fit so many people on a motorbike?!” “Can it possibly get any hotter?!” “How many coffee shops does this neighborhood need?!”

This traditionally Buddhist country with deep roots in animism is rapidly developing and looking for its place in the world. In 2000, ELIC's first team arrived in Cambodia and taught one of the first generations post-war (1975-1979), to a nation recovering from genocide and growing in hunger for hope.

Today, ELIC teaches at three universities in the capital and at primary school in the province. Our students are an emerging generation marked by contrasts: village-city, poor-wealthy, tradition-globalization. They all feel the pressures and expectations from family and the desires to find their own identity and happiness. And yet, despite their painful history and the layers of obstacles they face, they are a people of warm smiles, playful humor, and generous hospitality.

The universities in the city provide the venues to educate and impact the leaders of tomorrow. If you like coffee, city life, and coming alongside students who are in the midst of finding themselves, come join our city team! If you love children and have a heart to give an opportunity to the disadvantaged in a village context, let us know! Stop just wondering what it is like and come find out for yourself!



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