About Engage

Engage Options


In our traditional Engage program, teachers have the opportunity to work with primary to middle school aged students and teach them conversational English. In this interactive environment, high-energy games, sports, and cultural activities are all incorporated into your summer. You’ll serve on a team and discover a new part of the world, but most importantly, you’ll build lasting relationships and impact future generations.

Engage - Teacher Training Program (TTP)

In our Teacher Training Program, you have the unique opportunity to pour into the lives of local educators who will ultimately impact hundreds and thousands of students throughout their own professional careers. Although these teachers come from a variety of different backgrounds, all come with the desire to improve their English skills and learn from their ELIC teachers.

Engage - Culture

Spend 6 weeks diving into learning about and loving a new culture. Your team will spend time learning the local language, connecting with the community, and building lasting friendships with local college students. You’ll get the chance to walk alongside a long-term ELIC team to see what long-term service is all about, and maybe catch a glimpse of what the future holds for you. Participants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.

Engage - Intern

Looking for an 8–10-week internship? This program combines the best of learning culture, learning language, and teaching. You’ll participate on an Engage Culture team to learn language and culture, and then move to a traditional Engage team for 4 weeks of practical hands-on teaching. Earn credit while building friendships and sharing life and Hope. Participants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.