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2019 dates and cost to be announced

Serving in Xi’an, China

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Engage Culture offers the opportunity to study Chinese language and culture for people with no prior experience learning Chinese. Spend four weeks as a language and culture learner in an innovative and intensive program that is preparing novice Chinese teachers to teach Chinese to beginners in under-resourced areas of the world.

You’ll learn the basics of Chinese through an engaging, hands-on learning process that involves small group lessons, one-on-one practice with trainee teachers, and opportunities to use what you’re learning in the community.


Take field trips with Chinese trainees to famous historical sites in one of China’s most ancient capitals (Xi’an). Ride bikes atop the ancient city wall and visit the tomb where the first Emperor to unite China is buried among thousands of life-size Terra-Cotta Soldiers.

In Engage Culture, your investment in language and culture learning is an act of service that equips young Chinese professionals to become language teachers who cross cultures to make a difference in the world. Come share your life and be inspired by their stories!


2019 dates and cost to be announced.

  • Some college required.
  • Must be currently enrolled in undergraduate program.
  • All majors acceptable.
  • Native-like English fluency.
  • No prior Chinese language learning experience.
  • Enthusiasm to share your hope and life.
What's Included
  • Food and housing
  • Sightseeing opportunities
  • Medical and evacuation coverage
  • Orientation, training, and debriefing
  • Visa and document processing
  • Support development materials
  • Donor receipting
  • Screening and team placement
  • Contracts with individual host schools
  • And more!

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