Engage Teacher Training Program (TTP)

– Iraq –


Early July - Early August
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Serving in northern Iraq

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You and your team will be working with local teachers from the Kurdish region in Iraq. These teachers have taught some English and have been asked to use English as a language of instruction for math and science. Your task will be to help these teachers develop their own English ability, as well as equip them to use English to teach in their classrooms. You will use ELIC's curriculum as well as the standard Kurdish curriculum to develop lessons that meet your students' needs.


English-language instruction is a growing priority in the Kurdish educational system, and these teachers are eager to develop their English skills and gain new tools for use in the classroom. Weekends and free time will consist of fellowship with your team, rest, lesson planning, getting to know the locals, and outings with your team.


Costs are confirmed for all participants in the fall. Orientation takes place early summer, prior to teaching in the classroom. Typical return date is early August.

  • A minimum of a bachelor's degree required.
  • All majors acceptable.
  • Some teaching experience and/or training preferred.
  • Native-like English fluency.
  • Enthusiasm to share your hope and life.
What's Included
  • International travel
  • Food and housing
  • Sightseeing opportunities
  • Medical and evacuation coverage
  • Orientation, training, and debriefing
  • Visa and document processing
  • Support development materials
  • Donor receipting
  • Teaching curriculum
  • Screening and team placement
  • Contracts with individual host schools
  • And much, much more!

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