The next year of your life is pivotal. Don’t waste it.

EQUIP is a holistic mentorship program for recent college graduates who are starting their first post-college job and want to be challenged to invest their life in a meaningful, relationship-based role as a teacher overseas. EQUIP teachers will be placed on a team with other recent college graduates, led by a team leader ready to invest in and develop them. Our hope is that participants will catch a vision and will want to continue investing their lives at this unique time in history.

This could be the most valuable investment in others and in your future.

The EQUIP program is a chance for you to learn new skills while investing in the lives of others. Spend a year pouring into students to equip them and yourself for a brighter future. The people who participate in the EQUIP program are the kind of people who want to experience new cultures, do something that matters, invest in others, and gain skills that propel them to new opportunities.

All of our EQUIP participants work together on teams. No one goes alone. We’ll train you, prepare you, and provide you with a solid infrastructure of support throughout your time overseas. 

The day-to-day experience of the EQUIP program looks slightly different in each location, but the core components remain the same. To learn more about the various differences in each location please reach out to us or click the black rectangle at the bottom of the screen to chat with someone in our office.




Learn language and culture, build relationships, gain professional and life skills, and be mentored by your team leader — all while working alongside our university teaching teams in community centers and language schools in Tunis.




As an EQUIP participant in China, you will go through a life-skill, professional, spiritual, and leadership development track which will benefit you for whatever you do in life.




In Jordan, EQUIP participants will work as a team to join alongside our local partners to provide education for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.