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A master’s degree from CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies can equip you to stand out and succeed in education. Degrees are available in other fields as well including healthcare, business, public administration, counseling, and information technology.


What makes CCU Different


Discerning Foundation

The community respects the pursuit of truth and the development of the life of the mind. The university seeks to develop in each learner the capability to discern fact from fallacy, truth from error, and freedom from license.


Personal Development

CCU does not cultivate the mind at the expense of the heart, but encourages personal growth alongside academics and emphasizes development of character. The university works to send out graduates with personal commitment and an informed sense of morality to provide leadership in today’s communities and workplaces.


Research/Teaching Balance

The university provides opportunities for research and performance for students and faculty without compromising a primary focus on excellent teaching. CCU promotes investigative study and the proper methods of scientific research and technological innovation.