Mongolia is growing fast, and our work is growing with it!

University, 6-12

ELIC first stepped into Mongolia with a team in 1990. In those early years, the country seemed frozen in another era; the capital, Ulaanbaatar, had the look and feel of a 1950s European city. Changes since then have come quickly and affected virtually every area of life. The United Nations recently estimated that over the next five years, Mongolia will have one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. With teachers in both urban and rural areas, the Mongolia team has a front row seat to the scope of this change. We have the privilege of working alongside local colleagues to educate the future leaders who are ushering in this new era in Mongolia.


What are the teaching and team time structures like?

What does ongoing professional/personal development look like?

What is housing like?

What if only one spouse is teaching?

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