Project 5.6

Route 3 starts in January 2018. The countries for this route are Thailand, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, and Jordan.

Go to the Get Started page, fill out the simple form, and then we'll take it from there. Someone from our team will be in touch right away and walk with you through the entire process.

Good question. The Annual Thailand Conference (ATC) is often described as an oasis. A refuge. A place of restoration and rejuvenation. It's the one week out of the year when the entire global ELIC family comes together in Thailand to celebrate the joys they have experienced and to rest after a busy year of laboring in the places where they've been called.

In each country, you will encounter so many different experiences that it is a challenge to list them all. For starters, you will join the community of long-term team members who have spent years working in that country. You will work with refugees and their children, tutor the next generation of leaders, develop your leadership skills, explore more of your gifts, engage each culture in creative and practical ways, deepen your spiritual walk, and make unforgettable friendships. It certainly will be a journey of a lifetime!

Project 5.6 seeks those who are willing to step away from life as they know it and risk seeing the world as it really is. Project 5.6 is looking for those with a heart to serve seeking a deeper journey both spiritually and physically. Along the way you will encounter refugees, educators dedicated to the next generation of leaders, remote places with a desperate need for hope, and people passionate about loving people and seeking the deeper meaning of community.

Yes! You and your spouse can register individually, and when it comes time to be placed on your team, you will be placed together.

Teams are organized based on skills, personality, and interests. Your team will be your family for six months, and we will make sure you are the perfect fit. Team leaders are carefully chosen from those with experience on the field. They will have insight into the countries you will visit and will be properly trained to serve, mentor, and lead you throughout your journey.

The estimated all-inclusive cost of Project 5.6 is $15,500 depending on the route. For more information about the different route options, please contact (888) 475-3542 or e-mail us at teach@elic.org.

The cost of Project 5.6 covers airfare, housing, food, training, orientation, health insurance, evacuation insurance, some excursions, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses related to the trip.

Sure! We want you to truly experience each of the countries that you visit. We will organize optional cultural outings where you can explore and get to know the city where you're living. There will certainly be downtime throughout the week for you to enjoy a coffee or tea at a local café with your teammates or maybe even do some shopping, if that's your thing.

ELIC builds teams with YOU in mind. We will take into consideration your age, passions, gifts, gender, and life experience when putting our teams together. You can be sure that you will be placed on a team that best fits you.

The only time you will be traveling alone is on your journey to Thailand. From that point on, all of your traveling will be done with the members of your team.

The purpose of Project 5.6 is for you to experience the work that ELIC is accomplishing overseas. You will get the unique opportunity to see our teachers on the field in 5 different countries and work alongside them. You will get to see some of the most beautiful places in the world while learning teamwork and leadership skills. You will become a part of the ELIC family, and ultimately it is our hope that you will choose to commit to long-term service in one of the countries you visited.

Of course! Our staff wants to see you succeed, so we will do everything we can to coach, train, and prepare you to raise the support you need. We're with you all the way!

Our team leaders, country hosts, and country leaders are all experienced, trained travelers who will have the ability at any time to deal with the "challenges" of travel. Being sick is certainly something that might occur at some point along the way, but our top-notch team will have all that in mind along the way. You are in good hands!