We Care!

Our top priority is to ensure that the young men and women who invest their summer with ELIC will have an outstanding and memorable experience. As a caring parent eager to provide for your son or daughter’s best interests, there may be questions or concerns that you have about the Engage Program.  Our goal is to address some of the concerns that you may have.

We are Monitoring Current Events

ELIC is constantly monitoring world events and how they relate to the countries we serve. This includes contact with the U.S. State Department. In addition, we have resident staff in each of our countries. For 30 years, the safety and well being of our teachers has been our primary concern.

We Serve at the Invitation of the Government

In each of our countries, we serve at the invitation of the government.  With more than 30 rewarding years of service in Asia, there are strong partnerships with our host governments and institutions. They are the ones who invite us to serve and who provide visas for each of our teachers.

In-Country Support

In addition to our North American office staff, we maintain field offices in each of our countries of service. It is a high priority to ensure the health and effectiveness of our teams.

How to Contact the ELIC Engage Program Staff

If you have any questions about the Engage Program, please contact Blake.Larson@elic.org (866.825.5226) directly. Our hope is that you will stand by your son or daughter throughout the process of decision-making, preparation, and service. It is only with your support that they will enjoy a truly successful and memorable summer experience.

Engage Spend your summer impacting lives through education and building relationships. Engage is designed to help you build friendships that lead to conversations about your Hope. Explore how you can experience a truly life-changing summer.