A master's degree you can afford

Get your master’s while you teach and avoid debt with a discount of up to 57% from one of our accredited partner universities. We will help build the rest of that cost into your financial profile so that you can finish without debt, and with in-country teaching experience already on your resumé.

University partnerships

Wheaton College Graduate School

57% Off!

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Grand Canyon University

50% Off!

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Colorado Christian University

20% Off!

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Cedarville University

25–40% Off!

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Moody Institute

30% Off!

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What sets master’s+ apart?

You don’t have to choose between continuing your education or starting your career

Master’s+ gives you a path that includes both—continued education and cultural exporation, personal growth and investing in others, a master’s from an accredited institution and professional teaching experience, and all of that can open doors to exciting opportunities down the road.

"Serving overseas while getting my master's taught me practical skills for the classroom, great comradery with my team, and a love for education and language that I still pursue today. It was a great way to get my master's since I could use my classroom to implement what I was learning."

— Davita F.


What's next?

Indicate your interest in Master’s+ when you apply.

Get connected with the partner college that fits your goals.
Prepare for your degree along with the coaching and training for long-term teaching.
Spend your first semester in your country focused on team, language, and culture.
Start taking classes while gaining teaching experience in the second semester.
Graduate in 2-3 years, knowing that you are well-equipped to make a difference.