"This team is deeply passionate about equipping, encouraging, and sending amazing people on an incredible journey to participate in going to the nations. The men and women in the mobilization department serve wholeheartedly to ensure that YOU are equipped and empowered to accomplish the work you have been called to do."

—Nate McHenry, Director of Mobilization

Meet the Mobilization Team

Nate McHenry

Director of Mobilization & Program Promotion

Kyle Wormser

Sr. Manager Mobilization, Candidate Advising and Commit Care

Michelle Goodman

Sr. Manager Mobilization Recruiting & Candidate Engagement

Adam Zentz

Candidate Advisor

Andy Brennan

Partner Development Advisor

Max Baller

Candidate Advisor

Abigael Klassen

Mobilization Specialist

Alex Beck

Mobilization Specialist

Mary Ivey

Mobilization Specialist

Sarah Falkenstine

Candidate Advisor

Christina Marino

Candidate Advisor

Andrew Nicholl

Candidate Advisor