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Where We Serve

You can equip future leaders in amazing places as you teach at a university, K-12 school, or language center.

Teams work together to invest meaningfully on campuses and in local communities overseas. The optional Master’s+ program gives you even more ways to grow.


University, K-12

If you want to be part of a rich legacy, consider teaching in China! Since 1981, thousands of people like you have served over a million students.


University, Language Institute

If you're interested in local teacher training and want to serve in the Middle East, Iraq could be the place for you. You also have opportunities to teach in universities and language centers with this team that has called Iraq home since 2019.


K-12, Community Center, Language Centers

If you want to study Arabic full-time, you might want to serve in Jordan! People like you have taught and studied with this team since 2015.


If you enjoy natural beauty and warm weather, you might enjoy teaching in Laos with a team that's served since 1996. If you have a background in education, you also have the incredible opportunity to train local teachers from extremely remote areas.


If you have a heart for refugees, you could teach elementary-aged refugee children in Lebanon.  Think about joining this team that's served refugee families since 2015.


University, 6-12

If you want to get off the beaten path (and enjoy cold weather and warm hospitality), the land of the blue sky might be the place for you. Since 1990, the demand for teachers like you has only grown in Mongolia.


If you want to build relationships over couscous and mint tea, you might want to teach in Morocco. You can serve in cities with ancient history or ocean views with this team that was established in 2016.


University, Language Centers, Global Ambassador Program

If Mediterranean cities or desert oasis towns appeal to you, opportunities abound in Tunisia. In Tunisia, you can join a team that's served in language centers and universities since 2015.


If you're interested in ancient, Celtic, Roman, Byzantine, Ecclesiastical, or Ottoman history, you might enjoy teaching in Turkey. Consider joining this team that's taught at top universities since 2014.


If you want to explore new opportunities, Uzbekistan might be the place for you! You can join our newest team, which launched in 2022/2023.


If you love coffee, rice, and amazing bridges, Vietnam could be the place for you. Join this team that's made a difference in students' lives since 1994.

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Why go long term

The value of committing to stay

I love the emphasis on team and member care. — Former ELIC teacher
In your first year, everything is new—an adventure of getting your bearings in a culture, job, and community like you’ve never experienced before. Then you go into your second year with seeds already in the ground, equipped with the tools and experience to thrive because of the work you did in year one.
Outside the Classroom

Building a life in your host country

Your schedule is strategically built to allow time for you to establish a healthy long-term balance and engage with local culture. This could include activities like:

Lesson planning

Personal and Professional development

School clubs and English activities

Mentoring students

Time with your team
Meals with students and friends
Exploring your host country
Exercise and fitness
What sets us apart

The ELIC Legacy

New teachers join a legacy built on over forty years of excellence in education. Throughout this history, ELIC has emphasized a few key elements.

Long-term Partnerships Professional Excellence Teacher Care
We build strong partnerships with universities and institutions in our host countries. This helps us to stay long-term with confidence that the education we provide is of value to our hosts.
We are known for excellence in recruitment, screening, training, and ongoing professional development. This emphasis fills our teams with quality teachers who continue to grow.
We’re serious about providing our teachers with hands-on support throughout all stages of the journey: pre-field training, teaching support, ongoing member care, and debriefing when they return. Our current teachers joyfully refer to “the ELIC family.”
Go With a Team

Living and working in community

ELIC recognizes the importance of a positive community that you can rely on. Our teams are a vital part of what makes it possible to thrive overseas long term.

Your team will be full of people who share your desire to live and work together while serving students, teachers, refugees, and neighbors.

Teachers in China exploring
Pursue Your Master’s

Make the most of your long-term program

Add Master’s+ to your Legacy program to enhance your personal and professional growth while you serve your overseas community.


Advance your career by working toward your master’s or PhD while you teach. ELIC partners with accredited universities to offer tuition discounts of up to 57% off select master’s programs.
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Committed to Care

We’ll support you every step of the way

While you serve others, we serve you with cultural training, comprehensive medical insurance, and personal care designed to alleviate some of the challenges of cross-cultural living. Our emphasis on excellent member care is a distinctive priority for ELIC. When you are physically, spiritually, and emotionally healthy, you are better able to stay and care for those on your team and in your community.

Member Care Services

Supporting teachers from day one

Comprehensive Orientation

24/7 access to health and safety assistance through International SOS (ISOS)
Connection to visa, flight, and travel assistance
Personal support from member care specialists in your region
Excellent worldwide health insurance coverage
Quality retirement and financial advising
Newsletter design and mailing
A host of other resources to help you grow professionally and personally
How it Works

Take One Step at a Time

Step 1

Get Started

Fill out this form to connect with a candidate advisor about opportunities.

Step 2

Apply Online

Fill out our online application.

Step 3

Tell Us More

Your candidate advisor will set up a time to discuss how your unique gifts and abilities could help you thrive on a team overseas.

Step 4

Prepare to Go

Your Candidate Care Team and support raising coaches will walk with you to help you confidently prepare for your new home and life overseas.

Step 5


During ELIC’s comprehensive orientation, you will earn your TESOL certification, learn about your host culture, and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Step 6


Travel to your host country to complete your training and join your team!
Who we send

Are you ready to go?

We’re looking for faith-filled people with:

A bachelor’s degree in any field.

English fluency. (IELTS level eight or nine for non-native speakers)

An aptitude for teaching: ELIC provides comprehensive training, including a graduate-level TESOL certificate, for all long-term teachers. Prior teaching experience is not a requirement.

A commitment to working, learning, and growing alongside a team of people who share your excitement for this global work.