Oman, a picture of what this part of the world was like centuries ago


If you want a picture of what this part of the world was like centuries ago, come to Oman. Wander the souks (markets) and you’ll hear shoppers bargaining over frankincense, jewelry, and savory delicacies. Wildly exotic, yet quiet landscapes of both sea and sand cover most of the country, as it has for millennia.

Of course, the capital city of Muscat offers cultural traditions, but with a modern face. Muscat and a handful of other growing cities reflect a strong sense of identity, rooted in an ancient past but with confidence in a highly educated future.

Oman’s leadership has wisely understood that their greatest resource is their ability to compete on the modern world’s intellectual and professional stage and is committed to making that education accessible for upcoming generations. What a perfect opportunity for us to step into a culture that embraces education and needs English language proficiency to foster international relationships. The door to Oman is open to individuals of high academic and moral standards. Perhaps you’ll find your place for impact in Oman among the mix of Bedouins and the world’s up and coming power magnates.